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Some of our testimonials:
We recently took a quick look through our e-mails that we have received in the past few years and put together this sampling of comments from our customers. Most here are from individuals, but several are from jewelry businesses that we have done work for as well.

As you will see, we have made many people happy all over the world. Based on this, please order with confidence. As always we also offer our money back guarantee!

You’ve done great work for us in the past, so we have another project for you. ...

Jillian H. (Jeweler), Coral Gables, Florida, USA; June 2017

I was wondering – you made a couple of signet rings for me in the past. One silver, one gold with my priestly coat of arms on it! It is wonderful.

Fr. Bill D., Bath, Maine, USA; June 2017

Thank you the ring looks great!!!!!!!

Michael D., Davenport, Florida, USA; April 2017

Thank you very much, I just received the ring and it is "Exquisite and Outstanding." I really appreciate your patience and going beyond my expectations. Rest assured that if I will have a ring made in the future it will certainly come from you.

Hans B., Gothenburg, Sweden; March 2017

My customer loved ring #5 so we would like to order that in 14k yellow gold with...

Alexandra N. (Jeweler), Portland, Maine, USA; March 2017

You recently engraved a seal ring for us which was very well liked by our customer – Thank you!

Lauren F. (Jeweler), Cincinatti,Ohio, USA; March 2017

Thank you. We received the piece back this afternoon, it looks great.

Sherry B. (Jeweler), Chicago, Illinois, USA; March 2017

Arrived today... It is our pleasure to recognize it is indeed a fine stone and a very beautiful engraving. Jolly good work Jose! Muito obrigado [Portuguese for Thank you very much.]

Manuel de M., Benavente, Portugal; March 2017

Lisa: It just arrived. It is perfect. Thank you and please thank Jose for me.

David H., Conroe, Texas, USA; February 2017

Thank you so much for the signet ring you made for me around Christmas time. I have received many compliments about it and I love it.

Gerald B., Brooklyn, New York, USA; January 2017

I hope you are enjoying a little let up from what was probably and hopefully a very successful but hectic holiday season at Heraldica. I am writing to thank you for your patience and very professional responses to my many questions and frequent contacts with you concerning the gold Logan pendant and the silver lapis pendant. Both came out beautifully and on time as you promised. Your gracious telephone courtesy to me was much appreciated. I hope to be in touch with you when more Logan jewelry is needed - we will shortly have two great granddaughters so it may not be too long ‘til we contact Heraldica again. Much luck and joy to you in this new year.

Marguerite L., Johns Island, South Carolina, USA; January 2017

I ordered two stone rings from you about a year ago with a Mackenzie crest as per below. The engraving was fantastic and husband was very happy with his gift, as all the other versions he had seen did not have a good stag's head.

Kelly M., Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand; January 2017

I received the rings, and I am very pleased with them. Thank you very much!

Victiora L., Atlanta, Georgia, USA; December 2016

The signet ring looks fabulous. Excellent craftsmanship, and the customer service was second to none. A pleasure doing business with Heraldica.

Brian E., Lincoln, Nebraska, USA; December 2016

About 25 years ago, you made a family crest ring for me for my husband. He passed away recently... Thank you so much - my husband treasured this ring.

Barbara M., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA; December 2016

Ring arrived today. Wonderful Job. Thank you.

Robert W. (Jeweler), Easton, Maryland, USA; December 2016

I received my order today. [I am] very impressed with the beautiful engraving. Thank you very much.

Jasmin L., Tapping, Western Australia, Australia; December 2016

We got it and love it!!

Daya (Jeweler), San Antonio, Texas, USA; December 2016

I just wanted to thank you so much for the great work you and your artisans performed on my ring. The service was excellent, prompt, and reasonable. I would like you to keep our family coat of arms in your files for further projects.

Yves G., San Franscisco, California, USA; December 2016

The package arrived and was well received. Thank you!

Kelly L., Higlands Ranch, Colorado, USA; November 2016

[I] can’t thank you both enough for your help with my Daughter- in- Law’s 60th birthday present. I will drop you a note with her reaction I know she will be thrilled. Again, my sincerest appreciation.

Marguerite L., Charleston, South Carolina, USA; November 2016

We received the cufflinks and they are perfect! Thank you so much for rushing this order for us.

Rhett O. (Jeweler), Charleston, South Carolina, USA; November 2016

My wife, and I have bought three beautiful rings from you. I'm constantly questioned and complimented on them. Thank you!

William C., Anaheim, California, USA; November 2016

Thank you so much, he absolutely loves the ring! Thanks as well for the quick turn around and beautiful product, you made the whole process easy and I really appreciate that. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Anna C. (Jeweler), Hancock, Maine, USA; August 2016

Thank you for your extra effort to make this happen.
From his customer: Love it Matt! Thanks. It looks great and the color is perfect.

Matt M. (Jeweler), San Diego, California, USA; August 2016

…the sample ring you sent last week is handsome beyond anything I imagined.

Fred W., Richmond, Virgina, USA; June 2016

My daughter loves the family crest ring that you engraved for her brother, and indicates she may want one for her college graduation in May of 2017.

Liz F., Roanoke, Virginia, USA; May 2016

The gent’s engraved initial ring was a big hit with my customer.

Connie C. (Jeweler), Irmo, South Carolina, USA; April 2016

I just received my order, it looks wonderful!! I am so excited to surprise my boyfriend with it for his graduation from law school. I will definitely recommend Heraldica Imports to my friends and family. Thank you for your attentiveness and great service.

Alexandra A., Lexington, Kentucky, USA; April 2016

The ring has arrived and the engraving is superb. Thank you for all your efforts, they are stunning.

Dan W., Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; April 2016

I received it [an engraved onyx] and it looks great, thank you.

Sean H. (Jeweler), Wichita, Kansas, USA; April 2016

My customer came in today – they like the stone and size of stone in your sample #5 that you sent me.

Erika B. (Jeweler), Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA; April 2016

I was so pleased with your work on my onyx ring that I have today sent you a gold ring that I'd like you to engrave with the same crest.

Dan W., Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; March 2016

They are as good as it gets. Old world craftsman with reasonable pricing. We had an engraved family crest engraved placed on a ring we had purchased elsewhere. It was a high risk project because everyone in the family was involved whether it could be done or not and if so would it look good. The stone was small and the image complex. I do not know how they did it but they did outstanding work. Really over the top quality. They we also delivered ahead of schedule. Thank you, Jose and Lisa. John
p.s. posted this on Yelp 5 STARS

John R., Mill Valley, California, USA; March 2016

I received the ring. It looks awesome! Thank you so much. I hope to do more business with your company!

Janice W. (Jeweler), St. Louis, Missouri, USA; February 2016

My wife felt quite satisfied with the work, and asks me to send her happy surprise with the Timbre (dog's head).

Manuel M., Benavente, Santarém, Portugal; January 2016

I received the two rings the other day well within the timeframe you promised.
The engraving with the Hurley Coat of Arms was exceptional in detail and clarity on both the man's and women's ring.
The antiquing on the ladies ring does make the crest "pop out" given the smaller size.
I am extremely satisfied with your work and craftsmanship and will gladly refer anyone who asks about the rings to your website.
Have a joyous and prosperous holiday season

Tim H., Wilmington, Delaware, USA; November 2015

The ring arrived this morning and it is SO handsome! We LOVE it. Thank you Jose for your exquisite work!! And thank you Lisa for getting it to me so quickly.

Liz F., Roanoke, Virginia, USA; October 2015

I wanted to reach out and say thanks for the work on the ring. Looks great. God bless.

Sean B., Irvine, California, USA; October 2015

Thank you for the prompt engraving of a baby spoon and fork. I received it last Friday from you. It is a beautiful job for which we are grateful.
As you said, many years from now this boy will know he has something very special thanks to you gifted artistry.

B. L., Quincy, Florida, USA; September 2015

I just received my pendant the craftsmanship is spectacular! I've been hunting for this type of piece for a long time. Thank you, maybe we can do more business in the future.

Rusty W., Mokena, Illinois, USA; August 2015

We got the job today and are mailing you a check today :) Looks very good. Thank You

Hilda O. (Jeweler), Boston, Massachusetts, USA; August 2015

A brief message to thank you for all your advice and help with the ordering of the … rings, which arrived here safely from Spain yesterday. They are very beautiful, the work is exquisite, and my daughter and I will wear them proudly (and will of course be pleased to recommend your firm to others.). Thank you so much for your assistance and patience. Very best wishes to the company and hearty thanks to you especially! Greetings from Vienna

Sandra F., Vienna, Austria; August 2015

We received the ring today. The customer came and picked it up. He loved it. Thanks so much.

Lynette W. (Jeweler)), West Chester, Ohio, USA; July 2015

Got the rings and they were great as always.

John (Jeweler), St Augustine, Florida, USA; July 2015

My daughter's rings arrived in today's mail and I cannot thank you enough. They are absolutely beautiful and exceed my expectations. I appreciate your working with me and providing me with something that we will be proud to present to our Daughter on her birthday.
In the instance that I may ever provide a reference as to the wonderful quality of product and service that you provide, I would be most pleased to do so.

Ty Q., Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA; May 2015

The cuff-links were just delivered... and they were a great success!!!
Can't thank you enough!

Daya G. (Jeweler), San Antonio, Texas, USA; May 2015

We got the ring; looks very nice. Thank You. Looking forward working together.

Hilda O. (Jeweler), Boston, Massachusetts, USA; May 2015

I truly appreciate what you did for us!!! I consider your work the best that I know and your service just exceptional. I know that you not only twisted an arm, but perhaps even broke a leg.
I know my customer will be very happy.
"Es un placer trabajar con usted y de nuevo, muchas gracias!"(original Spanish)
It is a pleasure to work with you, and again, many thanks!(English traslation)

Daya G. (Jeweler), San Antonio, Texas, USA; May 2015

Thank you for using the white onyx. It is being mounted inside a gold and pearl circle pin/pendant that will be as exciting as the matte black onyx. N. is very pleased and happy. Thanks!

John P., Birmingham, Alabama, USA; April 2015

I just received the ring and it’s beautiful!! I love it--thanks so much for working on such a tiny piece!!

Shak K., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; April 2015

I love my sister's bracelet so much that I would love to get one.

Valerie M., New York City, New York, USA; April 2015

Just wanted to thank you for the fine work. The ring is lovely. Thank you to you and your team for resizing it as well.

Adam H., New York, New York, USA; April 2015

Thank you so much for your work.

Philip L. (jeweler), Alemeda, California, USA; April 2015

Ring looks great, thank you!

Dave O., Bradenton, Florida, USA; April 2015

We have received the ring and we are very pleased with the ring. Thank you for your great service and quality of your work.

Stephan B., Mates Corner, New Brunswick, Canada; April 2015

Thanks for the update. I'll await the arrival of the ring with excited anticipation. I am very grateful for the wonderful service that you offer. I can't speak highly enough of it.

Peter P., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; March 2015

Thanks, the ring already arrived in great condition; it's a very beautiful ring!

Ilkka O., Helsinki, Finland; February 2015

I am impressed to see that (unless I am mistaken) the Onyx stone you have provided in this signet ring seems to be authentic (it does not look like artificial Onyx as I expected to see, since these are more common to be found in the market), which makes me believe this was much harder for you to cut and work.
Mr. José, once again, I am impressed with the good level of details you managed to achieve in such a small Onyx surface. I am aware that this is your profession and you are a skilled professional, however professionals like you aren't much common any longer in the jewelry market today.
Also the silver ring seems to be totally hand-made, including the adornments that it depicts on the shoulders - Remarkable and perfect work!
I would appreciate to receive few recommendations on how to maintain, keep & clean my new ring.
Have a great day and thank you for your patience along this project!

Eduardo P., Mölndal, Sweden; February 2015

Good day, I have ordered rings from you in the past and have been very pleased.

Bill H., Anchorage, Alaska, USA; February 2015

The rings are beautiful. Thank you so much.

Adele C., Hugo, Oklahoma, USA; February 2015

Just I received the rings this morning. Thanks a lot for this wonderful job. They are absolutely fantastic....

Jean K., Paris, France; February 2015

The ring was just fine. The customer picked it up and he liked it very much. Thank you.

John (Jeweler), Saint Augustine, Florida, USA; December 2014

...just wanted to thank-you very much for your work on the rings for our sons. They arrived the other day and are quite beautiful. I am sure that the boys will be pleased.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you. We hope that your holiday season will be restful and your new year prosperous.

Richard S., Charlottesville, Virginia, USA; November 2014

Just a short acknowledgement of the new ring #3 received and I am very pleased.

Jesco A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada; November 2014

Rings arrived. D's is perfect. Mine wrong size, but love it, will take to my jeweler and get re-sized. Love M's [ring]. Thanks again for excellent service and quality product.

Vicky W., Purga, Queensland, Australia; October 2014

...about the beautiful ring I just received yesterday... You do good work. I am pleased with the product I received.

Ron W., Eules, Texas, USA; October 2014

I received the ring and pendant. Thank you, nice job.

Andrew E., Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, USA; October 2014

It is lovely – I am delighted. Thank you so much for this beautiful workmanship, and hope you are well.

Russell T., Charlottesville, Virginia, USA; October 2014

I just received my Ring, very nice work, thank you. Great to do business with you.

John B., Fairfax, Virginia, USA; October 2014

The ring has arrived and is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much. I can't wait to give it to my husband this evening!!!

Carol T., Houston, Texas, USA; October 2014

I received my ring on Saturday and IT IS BEAUTIFUL! The detail on the top is PERFECT! I LOVE IT. You did a remarkable job, and the quality is the absolute best.
I hope to be able to order another one in the very near future…

Nancy C., Noblesville, Indiana, USA; September 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for re-engraving the ring that I bought from you for my son (you made the side engravings of the crest deeper for me). It looks great, and I know he will love it.
Thanks again for being so easy to work with

Debbie A., Atlanta, Georgia, USA; July 2014

I received the ring from my family last weekend, and it was everything I hoped it would be!!! Thank you so much for such a beautiful quality ring and pendant!! They will be very cherished for the rest of my life. I was told to be careful on the polishing of the items, so I was wondering if you could tell me of some care procedures and if anything ever happens could it be sent to you all for touch up work? Well again thank you ever so much for everything and working with us, I hope to one day do business again!!!

Brett T., San Marcos, Texas, USA; July 2014

I wanted to thank you again for the rings. I was hesitant about ordering and am glad I did as I found the quality of the engraving excellent. It has deep engraving and great clarity of the image. As I mentioned before I will contact you mid to late September for the pendant.

Valerie M., New York City, New York, USA; July 2014

I didn't want too much time to pass to thank you for making my delivery happen. It has made all of the difference with this customer. May God bless you, your family, and your company.

Ken P. (Jeweler), Towson, Maryland, USA; June 2014

I just want to thank you and your team for the great work. They [a ring and pendant] are both fantastic and what I was looking for. Thanks.

David S., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; June 2014

The rings arrived and they are fantastic! We are very pleased! Thank you so much!

John H., Falls Church, Virginia, USA; May 2014

The school rings look great!! Thank you!

Kathleen H. (Jeweler), Charleston, South Carolina, USA; May 2014

Thanks for sending the engraved stone back so promptly. It arrived safely today. And it looks great. My client will be really happy.

Jane B. (Jeweler), Adelaide, South Australia, Australia; April 2014

I have been meaning to write to say I received the pendant and cuff links. My daughter loves the pendant, and the cuff links are very elegant. Thank you for your help and excellent work.

Eric M., Washington, D.C., USA; April 2014

We received our rings today. You have surpassed our expectations! They are absolutely beautiful and masterfully crafted. Both rings fit great. We could not be happier with our experience with you and your company.

Chris H., Spring, Texas, USA; April 2014

Just letting you know I received the ring, and it is perfect. Thanks again!

Russell H., Riverton, Utah, USA; March 2014

I just received my ring and I LOVE it! Thank you so much! I will certainly be getting a gold version within the year.
Can't wait to get home and show it to my husband.

Laura C., Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; February 2014

The ring looks great and we love the wax impression. A very nice touch. The customer just picked up his ring and was very happy. We and the ring exceeded his expectations which he mentioned were quite high. Always good to hear that!

Gizelle (Jeweler), Los Angeles, California, USA; February 2014

My ring arrived this morning as I was shoveling the snow. It is magnificent and I thank you for getting it to me exactly as promised.

Michael C., Massapequa, New York, USA; February 2014

[Original in Spanish]
Estuvimos en Washington D.C. este fin de semana que acaba de pasar, pero al llegar anoche a Miami, revise el correo y me lleve la gran sorpresa de la llegada del anillo. Quedo perfecto y tanto mi esposa como yo, realmente estamos muy contentos con el trabajo y sobre todo su profesionalismo desde el primer momento que nos conocimos en su oficina en Nueva York.
Pronto le avisare para encargarle uno para mi esposa y seguramente, cuando mis hijas vean el producto final, tengo el presentimiento que también van a querer uno… De nuevo, mil gracias por todo ha sido realmente un placer.
[English translation]
We were in Washington D.C. this weekend that just passed, but on reaching Miami last night, I checked the mail and was surprised by the arrival of the ring. It was perfect and both my wife and I were really happy with the work and especially your professionalism from the moment we met in your office in New York.
Soon I will commission another one for my wife and surely, when my daughters see the final product, I have a feeling they will want one too. Again, thanks for everything. It has really been a pleasure.

John O., Miami, Florida, USA; January 2014

Just a note to tell you that the ring was perfect. My son was thrilled...beautiful and fit perfectly. It made his 40th birthday even more special. Thank was a pleasure doing business with you. Have a joyous New Year.

Pat B., Denver, Colorado, USA; December 2013

Muchas, muchas gracias, Jose!! The ring arrived this evening at dinner - BUT it arrived. I can't thank you enough. .It is absolutely lovely. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Margot S., Santa Rosa, California, USA; December 2013

I wanted to thank you so very much for making such beautiful cuff links. I cannot wait to give them to my husband for Christmas. Thank you for making such a fine product. I will be sure to share this with my friends. Merry Christmas!

Molly G., Leesburg, Virginia, USA; December 2013

Received my ring yesterday (right on schedule). Love it! It is perfect.

Chris E., Santa Ana, California, USA; November 2013

I received my ring on October 15, 2013 and I am very grateful for the great work of art! It is exactly how I wanted my coat of arms engraved - very accurate in all its details. Excellent work! I will definitely come back again soon.

Patrick T., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; November 2013

Just a brief note to say that my crest ring arrived, fits perfectly, and looks terrific. Thanks for a great experience!

Gerard C., Laguna Beach, California, USA; November 2013

I received the ring and I love it. It is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

Catherine F., Riverview, Florida, USA; November 2013

Thank you! You are the best!

Brian W. (Jeweler), Excelsior, Minnesota, USA; October 2013

I received the two rings on Saturday. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the results! The engravings are incredible. The heron engraved on the side of the new ring is so very impressive!
I photographed the rings and forwarded the images to the editor of our family newsletter. They will likely print the pictures and your contact information. You may hear from a few others from my extended family sometime in 2014.
Thank you so much for doing such a great job. I expect these rings to stay in our family for a millennium or two!

John H., Falls Church, Virginia, USA; October 2013

I just wanted to thank you so much for meeting our deadline. I know that that wasn’t what you were originally told and I appreciate you making it work to make our patron happy.

Josh A. (Jeweler), Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; October 2013

The ring is beautiful and perfect! Thank you so much for your incredible service and help through the process... you went above and beyond. I will certainly return to you for any future needs.

Tyler C., Baltimore, Maryland, USA; October 2013

Many thanks for the ring, which arrived this morning via Fed Ex. I am delighted.

David P., O'Halloran Hill, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia; September 2013

I just received my ring and I cannot tell you enough how pleased I am. You are incredible! The design I provided was complicate and detailed but you were able to capture all of that with unbelievable accuracy. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. I know this piece of art will be in my family for generations.

James L., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; September 2013

We just wanted to send you an email and let you know we received the ring today and we are shipping off to a very happy client. Thank you for taking care of us in the way that you did. This ring looks great, we are very pleased.

Mary (Jeweler), Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; September 2013

Thank you so very much for the fine engraving which you did for my clients. The two rings have been very much appreciated. For me, it’s great to know I can get this kind of family jewelry made.

Candace (Jeweler), Newport, Rhode Island, USA; September 2013

I wanted to let you know I received my ... shield ring today. It is beautiful. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day.

Linda N., Ashville, Ohio, USA; September 2013

I just wanted to let you know that I received my ring and it is everything and more than I expected. Thank you so much. He will love it. I will be sending you another order soon as I would like one also.

Sheena G., Houston, Texas, USA; September 2013

Just wanted to let you know that we received the ring and this time it fits perfect!! Thank you so much, it looks wonderful!

Kalman M., San Francisco, California, USA; June 2013

I received the ring and you did a wonderful job!!!

Daniel R., Woodbridge, Virginia, USA; June 2013

I have received the beautiful silver ring with black enamel inlay lettering - it is exactly what I wanted to thank you so much for the excellent and quick work done. I will alternate wearing this new one with the gold crest ring that you made for me last year.

William D., Bath, Maine, USA; May 2013

Got the ring. Looks very nice. Thanks.

Bob O., Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, USA; May 2013

I received them - they look beautiful. Thank you!

Sharon T., Los Angeles, California, USA; May 2013

I have just received the package - your work was simply outstanding, and I hope you won’t mind me recommending it to other people. Again, thank you very much for everything.

Miguel T., Chicago, Illinois, USA; May 2013

(a note included with a new order) ...You already made a similar ring for me last year - of which I am very pleased!

William D., Bath, Maine, USA; May 2013

The rings arrived yesterday. They are lovely and the engraving is beautiful! Just what I had hoped for, thank you!

Kalman M., San Francisco, California, USA; May 2013

I just got back into town and opened the package you sent. I absolutely love the ring! Thank you very much. I am sure that A. will love it as well. I will not be giving it to her until May 12th. If we need to adjust size, or add anything to the shank I will let you know after that.
I will most likely be ordering another one of these rings within the year for my other daughter.
Have a great week and thanks again for your fine work.

Susan B., Gulf Breeze, Florida USA; April 2013

Just to let you know that I received the ring in good order and it looks good and fits perfectly.

Hans H., Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; April 2013

I just want to tell you that the ring arrived safely in Sydney this morning and I am thrilled with it. Thank you so very, very much. I agree that it does look small but that was the size I ordered so hopefully it will fit her!
Again my grateful thanks for making this all happen.
With my very best wishes,

Penny S., Sydney, NSW, Australia; February 2013

I have in the past had a ring hand engraved by you. My customer was extremely satisfied and I would like to thank you again. Now years later, my customer wishes to have family crest pendants for his two daughters.

Gayle M. (Jeweler), Clarence, New York, USA; January 2013

My son loves his ring, and he almost lost it recently, because it slipped off his finger on a cool evening. He found it again, but wants it secured even better. My husband will be in NYC on Monday (tomorrow). He would like to meet with you at appr. 11:00 a.m. if that's possible for you.

Cornelia H., Rose Valley, Pennsylvania, USA; January 2013

The rings are beautiful and we all love them very much. I have another request now.

Laurie Z., Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA; December 2012

I just wanted to tell you just how thrilled I am with the new signet / initial ring. It is simply gorgeous.
I also wanted to tell you, I will never go against your initial advice, ever. You were spot on recommending the cushion cut. The size, color gold and engraving are all extremely unique and I will wear this ring, as well as your others, proudly.
Thanks for also refurbishing the other 3 rings, they all now look brand new and we appreciate you doing them pro bono / gratis.
I will call you again prior to your holiday break to say happy holidays and New Year, but just wanted you to know how much I appreciate and value your advice and your workmanship.

Jim L., Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; December 2012

I want to thank you sincerely for the wonderful job you did on my family crest.
You may recall that my original ring you were repairing and doing the engraving over when it was stolen in the mail.
Showing your wonderful integrity you replaced it at your expense. Unfortunately your records did not show the old style design since I had bought it years before you owned the shop. So when I asked you to take it back and redo it yet again, you did and it is beautiful.
Thank you for your honesty and great work.

Kent T., Blowing Rock, North Carolina, USA; October 2012

I just wanted to thank you for a beautiful job. C. is very happy and very much looking forward to giving his son these special gifts.

Fiona C., Australia; September 2012

Just wanted to thank you guys once again for wonderful ring! My son loves it and I will be ordering a couple more in the next couple of years.

Bill H., Anchorage, Alaska, USA; September 2012

Just wanted to let you know we received the ring for our daughter and it looks great. Many thanks, Mimi

Mimi K., Houston, Texas, USA; August 2012

The engraved gold ring arrived today. Just like all the other rings I've bought from you, the workmanship is excellent. The detail in the family crest is superb. A pleasure doing business with you again.

Peter P., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; August 2012

Thank you so much for this amazing crest ring that arrived today, as scheduled, my birthday! It is an excellent representation of the very complex image that I sent you to be engraved. The size, the fit, the look are truly awesome! Thanks again – perhaps I can send some more business your way soon.

William D., Bath, Maine, USA; August 2012

Thank you for all your help. I like the ring.

Gerard K., Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA; July 2012

The ring has arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you very much for this work of art which I will cherish for a long time and bequeath to my son when the time comes.

Claude V., Rockland, Ontario, Canada; July 2012

Got it-- beautiful

Seeley A., Irving, Texas, USA; June 2012

Thank you so much for making the Chase family crest ring for our niece in NJ. It arrived right on time and she is thrilled with it. While I have yet to see it in person, I have seen photos of it on her hand and it looks perfect, so thank you!

Rebecca S., Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA; May 2012

We received the ring you made for us today and it is absolutely beautiful. We are so happy to be able to present this heirloom to our son for his college graduation. Thank you so very much.

Gerry R., Bellevue, Washington, USA; April 2012

Many years ago, in the early 1980's I purchased a beautiful Heraldic ring from you. The design was of my own making since my last name had no suitable crest to my liking. This beautiful ring has been stolen from me and with the hope of locating it, I wonder if you still have a record of that purchase.
I have no photos of this precious ring or of me wearing it. I would so appreciate any help you can give me in locating the information on this purchase so that, hopefully, I can have it replaced with the original design. It was my pride and joy.

Christiane B., Middletown, New York, USA; April 2012

Several years ago I contacted you after my father had passed away to see if you still had the former records for our family crest, as my father had purchased my brother’s family crest ring from Heraldica in 1972. Although it had been over thirty years since his order, quite to my pleasant surprise, you were able to find the records and made another ring for me. First, I want to tell you what a beautiful job you did. I am stopped very often by strangers who ask about the ring and who engraved it. I have even been stopped in two local fine jewelry stores by employees to ask about it. It is a wonderful memory and tribute to my father. I am forever grateful to you for not only keeping the records, but for creating the beautiful ring on I now wear on a daily basis.

Arlene A., Columbus, Ohio, USA; April 2012

I was very nervous about ordering this ring via the Internet and getting something that did not meet expectation.
The ring is exactly how I imagined it would be. The reverse crest and script 'R''s on the side are perfect.
Good job

Roger J., North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; February 2012

I am very proud to wear my ring! My compliments to your jewelers!

David S., Bettendorf, Iowa, USA; January 2012

I received my ring from you a week or so ago and I am so very happy with it.
The ring is beautiful and the engraving is excellent. I ordered a reverse image so I could use the ring for wax seals and it works perfectly. All my Christmas cards went out with a beautiful O'Connell crest seal on them.
Your craftsmanship is excellent and this ring will be a keepsake I will cherish and pass down to my children.
Thank You -

Erin B., San Francisco, California, USA; December 2011

My client got her ring today and was truly ecstatic. Your work and attention to detail was truly amazing and I was proud to deliver her ring to her. Thank you for all your help in this project. It really turned out beautifully.

Peggy B. (Jeweler), Phoenix, Arizona, USA; December 2011

First, thank you so much for advising me on the size of the rings, they are perfect, and you were right the larger size ring would have been much too big for my hand.
Secondly, they are both extraordinary works of art. We could not have asked for more beautiful rings. We will cherish them always.

Karen S., Banning, California, USA; October 2011

My ring arrived today and I am very pleased with the engraving work. It turned out better than I expected and I have very high standards. It just looks great and it will be something I'll be proud not only to wear but also to pass down to my son. Thank you.

Jim S., Indialantic, Florida, USA; October 2011

The ring is beautiful and well made. It fits well and is very comfortable. Thank you for the great craftsmanship.

Tim H., Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA; October 2011

My ring arrived today and it is everything I could have wished for! The engraving of the crest is perfect and the craftsmanship of course is superb.
The ring will be something to treasure for many, many years to come; thank you very much!

Ole R., Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA; October 2011

My friend has just given me the ring and I have to say how impressed and thrilled I was with the craftsmanship and the intricate engraving, the police badge is fantastic and spectacular!!
Thank you very much I am sure my husband will be suitably impressed when he eventually gets it for his 60th birthday next year... I am sure there are no other ones like it at all...
Once again, please pass on my sincere appreciation to you and your staff. The ring is truly amazing.

Carolyn S., Boronia, Victoria, Australia; September 2011

I am glad to see you are still in business making fine engraved rings!
I purchased such a ring from you 24 years ago and have been very satisfied with it and received countless envious compliments on it!
I find myself in the position of possibly ordering more rings...

Michael D., San Diego, California, USA; September 2011

I have just received the ring: perfect!

Richard B., Paris, France; September 2011

Received the signet ring and my customer has come and picked it up and seems very pleased with all.
It was a pleasure and I look forward to our next project together.
Thank you for the wax seal too. It was a nice touch and my customer was very happy with the seal.

Caroline C. (Jeweler), Ashland, Virginia, USA; September 2011

I received my ring last week, and it was all I hoped for and more. Thank you. The engraving is excellent. I couldn't be happier.

Leo W., Houston, Texas, USA; August 2011

Thank you for your prompt response. I found the ring. It is here. (*whew!*) My inventory control person had it and forgot to let me know that it had arrived. Thank you very much for your concern and the ring is beautiful. Your work is exceptional. Have a wonderful day and I hope that we will do more business in the future.

Stephanie H. (Jeweler), West Palm Beach, Florida, USA; July 2011

I received the ring two days ago and it looks great. As a matter of fact I think that I would like to order another in the next couple of weeks...

Gabe V., Geneseo, New York, USA; July 2011

Thank you for the splendid job you did on my ring. It arrived safely and I am very happy with the result..

Bruce L., Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia; July 2011

Just wanted to let you know the ring is here and looks great! It is actually better than I imagined. Thank you and great job. Please keep my specs on file in that I will order one for my son in the future.

Sean K., Columus, Georgia, USA; July 2011

I’m writing this since I couldn’t tell you personally how much I love the family signet rings I ordered. The bloodstone signets are truly the most beautiful rings I have ever seen and your suggestions regarding the helmet etc. made them perfect. In the near future, I’ll send you the two signet rings that were made in Asia and which I’ll have you replace with exact copies of the rings you made. As I told you earlier --- I wish I had simply ordered first from you ...... but better late than never!!!

Robert D., Washington, District of Columbia, USA; May 2011

Received this morning……very pleased……thank you

Bob M., Memphis, Tennessee, USA; May 2011

The ring was awesome! Thanks from our family in Alaska!!

Tammy H., Anchoage, Alaska, USA; May 2011

I've picked up the ring from the post office and am very pleased! I can't wait to give it to Zach! Thank you for such an exquisite wedding gift.

Laura S., Northport, Alabama, USA; April 2011

I have received my daughter's pendant. Thank you--I was so surprised to receive mail on Sunday. I was also surprised at how heavy the pendant is. This will surely help it to last for a lifetime. The detail is very good. I don't know how you do it.
My daughter will be receiving the pendant for her graduation as an instrumental music major. Her name is Haley and we believe she is the last of our branch of the Haleys, so the pendant is very meaningful.

Deborah H., Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA ; April 2011

I got the ring on Saturday. I'm very pleased with it.

Scott F., Cleveland, Tennessee, USA; March 2011

I want to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful crest ring I just received from your company. It is perfect. At first I felt insecure dealing with an internet site but our talks eased my fears. The time you took to discuss the project with me and your knowledge and expert advice was and is so appreciated.
My ring was a replacement and it is far and above the original which, by the way, was more expensive than your replacement.
I look forward to ordering another one soon for my granddaughter.

Jacqueline S., Prairie Village, Kansas, USA; March 2011

The ring arrived Jan 27th and it is perfect! Our son's 18th birthday was today and he loved the ring-thank you so much!

Hollis V., Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA; February 2011

Thought I would let you know that I received my “Family Crest Ring" today and I love it. Great job and exactly as portrayed, no surprises, great job. I can see why you have been able to be in business in NYC for 42 years. Thanks again I will pass on your name to anyone wishing a great family heirloom.

J. Paul B., Rotunda West, Florida, USA; February 2011

The ring looks great and fits perfect! I could not be happier.
Thanks for the excellent workmanship and getting it to me for my trip to the Javits for the motorcycle show.

Bob O., Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA; January 2011

This morning an unexpected package arrived by FEDEX. I was most excited to see it was from you. However, I have been very worried that your workmanship would not meet my expectations, so I put off opening it. After a while, I could no longer wait. I found that my worrying was unnecessary! You have exceeded my expectations. It is beautiful.
The ring is shiny and clean. It fits well and is most comfortable. The graphics are clear and distinct. They are just as I had wanted and spaced perfectly. It is a work of art and you and your workers should be most proud of your abilities and craftsmanship. (Also, the relief was a nice unexpected surprise and it is just as clear as the ring itself.)
My credit card was charged appropriately and fairly and I look forward to telling everyone I know about you and your company.
Peace and Joy and Blessings to you and yours this Christmas Eve 2010 from The Rome of the Mid-West!

Matt W., Saint Louis, Missouri, USA; December 2010

Ring has arrived and is beautiful! Both my partner and I absolutely love it!
I'm going to get my size confirmed by a jeweler and come back to you with my correct size.
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Adam P., Sidney, New South Wales, Australia; December 2010

Just a note to let you know we received the beautiful ring and my husband is very pleased. The size did not fit but he went to a local jeweler who sized it the same day and he is so happy.
Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

Janet S., Collierville, Tennessee, USA; December 2010

The pendant arrived this morning. It is stunning! Your work has turned out even better than I could have hoped. Many thanks for your help and advice, as always it is a real pleasure to do business with Heraldica.

Niall M., Ossining, New York, USA; November 2010

I purchased a gorgeous ring from you a couple of years ago, for my boyfriend, with his society's crest on it. He is now my fiancé and we're hoping you can help him with gifts for his groomsmen!

Johanna S., Ithaca, New York, USA; November 2010

Just wanted to let you know that we did receive the ring today and are very pleased with it – Thank you!

Vicky L., Greenwich, Connecticut, USA; November 2010

The ring did come yesterday... it is beautiful.

Dani A., Lincoln, Nebraska, USA; November 2010

I received the repaired ring last Friday. What a beautiful job your staff did in repairing it. Many thanks and best wishes to you and the professionals at Heraldica.

Woody M., Miramar Beach, Florida, USA; October 2010

Hi, I received the ring and I am very happy with it! Thank you

Jessica A., Oakville, Ontario, Canada; September 2010

The ring arrived today and my son and I are very pleased. Thank you once again.

Jennifer M., Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada; August 2010

I received the ring - it is perfect - thanks. Very glad you deleted the acorns on top of the helmet which would have made it unbalanced.

Trevor V., Washington, DC, USA; August 2010

Received the ring I ordered just this morning and could not be more pleased... I`ll be ordering one or two more over the next few months....quality A++ and size 10 is perfect for my hands..
Made my day!! Thanks!

Mark S., Lakewood, Washington, USA; August 2010

The rings have arrived this morning. They are beautiful just as I had hoped. I especially like the carnelian ring which you copied and improved upon. I shall certainly contact you again if I want more work done and recommend you to anyone else interested in heraldic jewelry.
Thank you very much! It has been good doing business with you.

Judy B., Auckland, New Zealand; July 2010

My ring arrived yesterday, and I want to tell you that it is beautiful. Your artisans did an amazing job of engraving so much detail in such a small area.
Thank you very much for your great service.

Richard H., Suquamish, Washington, USA; June 2010

I want to thank you for all your help and advice on making and shipping my beautiful ring. My wife and I are very pleased with it and I'm sure I will enjoy wearing it for years to come.

Ron W., Port Orange, Florida, USA; June 2010

We received the ring. Well done and thank you.

Richard H., Surrey, British Columbia, Canada; June 2010

The signet ring was indeed waiting for us at the Post Office (I had missed seeing the notice)! My daughter is thrilled with it...the ring is everything we hoped it would be. Thank you so much for your beautiful work.

Juliet P., Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA; May 2010

I am writing to confirm that I received the package from Spain and to say many thanks for the way you treated the problem that I faced. The ring is excellent! Thanks a lot!

Aris E., Kifissia, Athens, Attica, Greece; May 2010

My husband and I want to tell you how much we truly appreciate your fine craftsmanship in creating/engraving our family crest ring for our son's college graduation. Your artistry, precision, prompt, professional, and courteous service is greatly appreciated. From the creation of the family crest; to the fine engraving inside the ring, you created a masterpiece. We know our son will treasure this gift for a life time. We highly recommend you for any fine engraving needs. Thanks again for your time and attention to our ring request and for helping make our sons college graduation an occasion to be remembered.

Mary K., Bel Air, Maryland, USA; May 2010

The ring is stunningly beautiful. Words cannot express my gratitude. Many, many thanks.

Sheila T., Ashland, Virginia, USA; May 2010

I have received the gold crest ring and it is beautiful. I am thinking of ordering another one for our Son

Felix D., Dallas, Texas, USA; January 2010

Thank you so much for the care and skill you have put into making my ring one I can now wear with comfort and pride. I very much appreciate not only your fine craftsmanship but also your care and concern in working with me to "correct" the issues I had with its original rendering. You have not only provided me now with a truly beautiful ring but have also more than fulfilled your promise of "guaranteed satisfaction." I am indeed more than satisfied. Thank you.

Paul S., Jamestown, Tennessee, USA; January 2010

Thank you so much for the ring which I received the day before Christmas. The ring looks great. I am very pleased with the stone.

John W., Springfield, Virginia, USA; January 2010

Thank-you for making the ring and the pendant. They were a wonderful gift and your work was excellent. I will need one more ring in the future for my 18-year old son when he turns 21.

Casey W., Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA; January 2010

Thank you very much for doing such a fine job on my signet ring... it looks fantastic! I appreciate your help and friendly service while trying to get my armorial achievement on a ring... and would certainly be glad to recommend your services to anyone else looking for such custom jewelry!

Mike S., Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA; January 2010

The two family crest rings (#2 gold & carnelian and #10 gold) arrived and they are great. Your staff have done magnificent engraving work.

Peter P., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; December 2009

I ordered two awesome rings from you in the past (April 2008) & would now like to order a money clip with the same crest for Christmas.

Leslie D., Kirkland, Washington, USA; December 2009

Thank you for the cufflinks - I received them today. They came out very nice and I am sure Kevin will be pleased when he opens them on Christmas morning. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year.

Kathy M., Mendham, New Jersey, USA; December 2009

Received the ring and it is perfect. I could not be more pleased with the work done by your craftsmen.
I shall recommend your service to my friends.

Edison J., Saint George, Utah, USA; November 2009

A few months ago, you made family crest rings for my husband and me which turned out very nice. My husband is so pleased with his ring that he mentioned to me that he would love to have cuff links made as well. I would like to give them to him as a Christmas present.

Kathy M., Mendham, New Jersey, USA; November 2009

I'm very pleased with the ring. So much so, I'd like to buy two more rings with my family crest engraved.

Peter P., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; November 2009

The gold signet ring has arrived. I'm very pleased with it. It looks and fits great. Thanks for your assistance.

Peter P., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; October 2009

I received my ring today and all I can say is that it has surpassed my expectations. The quality of your workmanship is exceptional and the prompt delivery was impressive. You have created a family heirloom that will be passed on for generations, thank you so much.

Joaquin B., San Diego, California, USA; October 2009

Just a quick email to say many thanks for the cufflinks - they arrived safely last week, and my husband has just opened them this morning for his birthday and is proudly wearing them to work! They are beautifully crafted, and will become a treasured family heirloom.

Katya S., Richmond, Victoria, Australia; September 2009

I received my ring today and couldn't be more pleased. I'm sure you don't need another testimonial as to your craftsmanship, but if you do, you have an extremely satisfied customer in Cincinnati who would be more than willing to recommend your work.

J. Michael P., Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; July 2009

I received the cuff links yesterday and I am delighted with them. Thank you.

Lawrence P., South Orange, New Jersey, USA; June 2009

My husband's rings arrived today. They are beautiful. He is thrilled as am I. Thank you so much. It was very quick service too. Thanks a lot.

Maggie K., New Castle, Delaware, New Hampshire, USA; May 2009

Thank you for doing such a great job on making the signet ring for me!!! Not only did you do a fantastic job, but you did it on time and shipped it out to me as promised.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Rhonda R., Burbank, California, USA; March 2009

The ring fits perfectly and if anything I like it even more than the original. Thank you very much for being so gracious in dealing with this error in the size she provided you.

Robert M., Northborough, Massachusetts, USA; February 2009

I just wanted to inform you that I got the ring yesterday evening and that I am very happy with it, extremely happy with it.

Camila B., Oakland, Maryland, USA; February 2009

The ring arrived today. It is very nice and sure to please my grandson.

Jan van L., Fort Meyers, Florida, USA; February 2009

The overnight package arrived safely - and just in time for my son's birthday on the 17th. He is delighted with his cufflinks. Thank you for all your accommodation.

Louis W., Jackson, Mississippi, USA; January 2009

I received the ring yesterday. I am very happy with the engraving and might get one done in white gold sometime in the future. Thank you.

Ricardo Q., Vieques, Puerto Rico, USA; January 2009

Just wanted to let you know that the ring for Neal is fantastic - he is really very happy with it. So thank you very much.

Lynn A., Stamford, Connecticut, USA; January 2009

My son loved the ring, very gracious.

Mike D., Augusta, Georgia, USA; December 2008

I opened the beautiful gold ring today and it is superb!!!!
What a ring, let me tell you…
Thanks to you and your team for all of your hard and expert handiwork.

Jim L., Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; December 2008

I am so very pleased with your creation. I think it is just PERFECT in every way. Thank you so much and I will take good care of it and treasure it.

Walter H., Menlo Park, California, USA; November 2008

I just wanted to thank you again for the ring. It is fantastic! You did an excellent job. The engraving is truly a work of art.
I didn't tell you, I am a charter bus driver in Sydney (I'm wearing my uniform) and a couple people have already commented on the ring.
I am happy to sing your praises, so maybe you'll get some more business from Sydney, Australia!

Ian U., Berowra Heights, New South Wales, Australia; October 2008

I wanted to tell you that I continue to wear your white gold and black onyx family crest ring with much joy and continue to get very nice compliments about it!
I was in a meeting yesterday with a man who had on a signet ring and was looking for something similar for both of his boys. I gave him your contact information and your website address.
I am already starting to research what I might want to order from you for the holidays.

Jim L., Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; July 2008

Thank you. I received my ring yesterday. Your work is superb.

Russell S., Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia; July 2008

Because of the fine job you did on the Bishop's ring you did for me, the Bishop of Rochester wants one.

Jerry L., Rochester, New York, USA; April 2008

Just wanted you to know how much my husband likes his ring! I presented it to him this past weekend for his 40th birthday and he said it is perfect. Thank you for your help in choosing the stone and for the excellent service.

Gayle S., Wilmington, Delaware, USA; January 2008

I purchased a crest ring from you folks in 1973 (13LW was the style) which you engraved for me from my family bookmark. It has been such a wonderful ring...I never take it off.

Clara R., Medford, Massachusetts, USA; October 2007

Just wanted to let you know I received my ring today and I am extremely pleased with it! You did a tremendous job and wanted to thank you personally. It is exactly as I wanted it!

Doug S., Cockeysville, Maryland, USA; January 2007

I received my crest ring today. It is absolutely gorgeous. You did a fantastic job. If you ever need a reference, feel free to use me.

Al G., Plano, Texas, USA; November 2006

I just received our ring back and it looks wonderful - thank you all so much for your assistance with this job - it is truly appreciated!!

E'loise T., Newport, Rhode Island, USA; February 2006

First let me compliment you on your fantastic website. I have *finally* found a hand engraving resource that makes both monogram and crests. I have been looking high and low and am happy to have come across your site, very inspiring.

Bryian D., New York, New York, USA; June 2005

Thank you so much. I received the pendants and they are all I had hoped.

Nancy U., Anchorage, Alaska, USA; May 2005

Thank you for doing the crest so promptly; it came out wonderful! Customer was thrilled at the depth of the engraving.

Brittany W. (Jeweler), Hamilton, Bermuda; December 2004

The ring I had custom made over the summer for my crest is perfect. As mentioned I will be placing another order for a few pieces.

William M., Bensalem, Pennsylvania, USA; November 2004

My daughter wears the well crafted ring you made for her so proudly! It is simply a masterpiece! Our youngest daughter will be getting the same crest next year and I would like to give my husband the same for our 25th anniversary in March 2005 I just want to know if you are still there making your treasures. You have such a talent that is so RARE!

Michel G., West Palm Beach, Florida, USA; October 2004

I was very happy to receive your letter with offer to send your new catalogue as I have had many compliments on my ring which I wear daily and quite a few have asked where they might get one like it!

Cary C., Westminster, California, USA; October 2004

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