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Heraldica Imports has been creating heirloom quality family crest jewelry for the last forty years. We are proud to offer our fine line to the public by way of our unique Website, the largest of its kind.

Our engraving is entirely done by hand by our European trained master engravers. Our engravers are all second or third generation engravers. This kind of highly skilled, highly specialized engraving has traditionally been passed from father to son through time immemorial.

We started our business in 1967 selling mainly to the consumer through display advertising placed in many national magazines. Starting in the early 1970's we began selling our products through jewelry stores. To date over 2500 jewelers all over the United States have sold our jewelry. Now we are also offering our jewelry directly to the consumer via the Internet.

We are probably the only firm in the country devoted exclusively to the art of hand engraving family crest jewelry. Our engravers work in both gold and semi precious stones. This is an almost disappeared craft.

Our rings are high quality, very dense castings totally free of porosity to permit a highly detailed engraving. Our rings are always cast in one piece for whatever finger size is required, assuring that there is no seam in the ring, unlike die stamped rings which are struck as a flat piece of metal that is then bent into shape to make it into a ring and soldered at the bottom.

In this web site we have tried to be as thorough and informative as possible, and we invite you to compare it with any other web site in the Internet about family crest jewelry for CLARITY, QUALITY, CHOICE and PRICE!

You can tell us the coat of arms to engrave in one of three basic ways

ONE: If you already have a family crest, it is essential to include a copy of it when you order your jewelry. This is the only way to ensure that we engrave exactly what you consider to be YOUR family crest. Sometimes there may be more than one crest or coat of arms for a particular name and obviously we don't know what you may have hanging in your living room.

Your copy can be a rough sketch, photograph, Xerox copy, wax impression from an old ring, etc. We will work directly from your material when we hand engrave your jewelry. This is possible because our engravings are TOTALLY done BY HAND just as it has been done for centuries using the very same methods.

TWO: If you do not have a family crest, you may request a Heraldic Report from us. We will search for a crest for your name in our sources and then send you an image of it as it would appear engraved on the ring of your choice.

Alternatively, you may search for it yourself on the Internet or in a large public library and send your results to be engraved.

THREE: If neither you nor we can find the crest (coat of arms) anywhere, you may design one following the instructions found in our How to Design Instructions.

If you have any questions please e-mail us or call us at 1-800-782-0933 or +1 212-719-4204. We'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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